4 Unique Mobile Car Event Rentals in Omaha

Events are no longer just a potluck and good food or drinks. Events that lack a specific *buzz* tend to flop. This failure to capture the audience will hurt the image you’re going for. Even so, little to no engagement can suggest the brand or “hosts” are boring. I know, it’s tragic

As an event designer, I ask myself: How do I drum up the buzz for each event I take on? What about a mobile car event rental? My “inner monologue” tells me those already exist here.


With The Lucy, we couldn’t figure out how to fasten our seatbelt for the journey ahead – then it clicked. Some people offer similar services in Omaha – but understand life isn’t a race – those on top are collaborating. So, while tickled pink to present The Lucy, we’re fueling the fun by showing off four other unique car event rentals available in Omaha, Nebraska. 

The Lucy

Our Italian-born, Omaha-raised mini truck complements celebrations as a fully styled, experimental event rental. With three wheels and a party in the back, she’s comfy indoors or out. In addition, she doesn’t require electricity (we know, shocking!), so we can provide services within empty fields, ballrooms, basements – virtually anywhere! Create an interactive photo opp display or build-your-own activity wall – The Lucy will help you celebrate everything! We can’t wait for you to check out our Event Rentals.

Display Ideas: 

  • Basic Shelving
  • Champagne Wall
  • Tap Wall
  • Dessert or Appetizer Display

Omaha Wedding Car

Vroom, vroom! Think outside the limo –  Omaha Wedding Car allows couples to pull up to their own classic styles, including a 1981 Camaro and 1931 Model A. Remember, the cars are purely for aesthetic and photography purposes only. Tell the new husband he can’t “gun” it.

Foto Fun Spot: Tilly

Get groovin’ with a restored 1950s vintage camper photo booth named “Tilly” from Foto Fun Spot. In addition, she an event rental that can be used for various events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, festivals, etc. Pop in, strike a pose, + cheese it up! 

Omaha Photo Bus

They’re on a mission to bring joy, craft memories, and build a better community one event at a time. Omaha Photo Bus restored this bus in just 11 weeks, + she’s now ready to travel anywhere in the Midwest. The van is equipped with a touch-screen photo booth box powered by a tablet and DSLR camera, with a printer capable of printing 2 x 6 strips for guests to keep. It’s a top event rental in Omaha, Nebraska.

There are hundreds of details when planning an event. One element that will “green light” guests to a good time will be one of these unique mobile car rental options. It’s also an opportunity for guests to capture “Instagrammable” memories with an iconic backdrop.

Featured Photo by Sarah Nies Photography

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