Mobile Bar: Unique Uses for The Lucy

Welcome to The Lucy Inspo page, where the drinks are cold, the vibes feel like sunshine and the good times roll. With our charming Italian-born Omaha-raised mini-truck, we’re excited to bring a unique experience to your next party-harty! 

The Lucy is completely customizable to your event. Whether you’re throwing a big birthday bash, clinkin’ + drinking to a milestone, or just feel like having an overall good time, we’ve got you. We’ll create an unforgettable experience for guests with our chic mobile bar. Her rental even includes a custom vinyl wording on her door for your new last name, corporate logo, or a fun saying.

To get the creative juices flowing, we’ve landed this page as the official inspiration page for our guests to spark ideas to take their event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

So, go ahead – peep some ideas! 

Mobile Bar on Tap

Convert our one-of-a-kind mini truck into a mobile prosecco van or craft beer bar. Our mobile bar tap insert wall allows up to three taps to pour perfect cocktails, beer, or non-alcoholic drinks at your celebration. 

Champagne Wall 

Trending “cheers walls” or “champagne walls” double as an art piece, ‘Grammable backdrop and escort displays. As they say, “Life is better with bubbles.” Plus! You can grab the OJ + doll up The Lucy for a sweet self-serve mimosa bar. 

champagne wall mobile truck display for wedding in nebraska

Memory Table 

You love them. You miss them. And they should be here. Whether it’s a friend, family, or mentor, a memory table will commemorate the importance of that person (or people) in your life. Rent The Lucy to remind everyone in attendance of the extraordinary impact your late loved one had on your life. 

memory table mobile truck display for wedding in nebraska

Candy Cart

Want some sweet party decor? A mobile candy cart might be the golden ticket! Let’s channel our inner Willy Wonka to dazzle and dress our mobile bar in vibrant colors, sweet treats + even signature candy cocktails (for those adults wanting to feel like kids in the candy store). 

Dessert Wall

Give ‘treat yourself’ a whole new meaning. Showcase your creativity and originality with a unique way to display desserts. What can be on a dessert wall? Here are a few ideas: 

  • S’more Station
  • Macaron Tower
  • Candy Buffet
  • Ice-Cream Sundae Bar
  • Donut Wall
  • Cookie Jar Bar 

Gift Collection

Are you planning to receive gifts? Do it in style! Our mobile bar can easily be converted without shelving so guests can stuff her full. We’ll help you create a welcome and gift table that blends in with the rest of your decor, including accents that fit the style and color palette. It’ll be oh-so-darling, darling! 

Hors D’oeuvres Display

Don’t you hate going to a celebration and finding out you’re the only snack at the event? Bud-dum-ching! Okay, okay. That was horrible. Annnyywaaaaayyyss, turn our mobile bar into a Hors D’oeuvres Display could be the ‘main course’ for the party decor. 

Seating Chart

Create an accommodating environment for everyone. A seating chart doesn’t need to be super in-depth but allows guests to be on the same page and help all to visualize the logistics of your celebration. 

Cotton Candy Cart

‘Fluff up’ the party by creating a delicious, fluffy cotton candy station for guests to time travel back into their childhood nostalgia. We’ll provide the space for sugars, cones, and other supplies to bring this playful touch to any celebration. 

Guest Favor Display

Offer up a small gesture to thank family and friends for traveling far and near to celebrate your big day. Wedding guest favors can be dressed up and dazzled on our mobile cart. 

B O N U S: 

Love the ideas, but not quite your jam? Let’s dream up something entirely new and different. Our team would be happy to hear about how we can create custom inserts based on your celebratory needs.

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