What is a Mobile Bar?

When you’ve got something to display the drinks that’ll totally “wow” guests, it doesn’t matter if the signature drink names are horrible or if the liquor is top shelf vs. red solo cup and bottom benched.

After all, most guests come to places, like weddings or networking events, for a common reason, but they stay for – and hopefully, rave about – the food and drinks. If not with a fancy-schmancy bartender, why not jazz things up with a mobile bar?

What’s a mobile bar? 

A mobile bar is precisely what it sounds like here. It’s a small vehicle (or cart) displaying bevies (or other party items) that can travel wherever you’re celebrating. A “mobile bar” literally means a bar on wheels where someone comes and sets up to serve at an event.

Owning a mobile bar in Nebraska involves taking a “cart” or other vehicle to different outdoor and indoor locations and events and serving guests’ delicious beverages. Sometimes, it doesn’t require a bartender. 

Across the United States, the “mobile bar industry” has expanded significantly. There are many different types of mobile bars available. It could be a Tapped-up Truck, camper-themed, or a horse trailer bar. The idea is that the cart is not in a fixed location and can be uniquely set up to fit any occasion. 

Can you have a mobile bar in Nebraska? 

A mobile bar Omaha style starts with our Italian-born, Nebraska-raised mini-truck. We call her The Lucy, and she’s adorable. With three wheels and a party in the back, she’ll complement any + all celebrations. 

She’s small enough to drive through French doors and comfortable enough to sit inside or out. She doesn’t require electricity, so we can allow her to rest in ballrooms, basements, garages, and even empty fields.. 

Hire The Lucy to pop Prosecco or clink to a signature drink (or even a non-alcoholic beverage). We will dress and dazzle her to match your event’s aesthetic. 

Mobile Liquor License in Nebraska

The Party Bar does not have a liquor license. That does not stop The Lucy from serving alcohol at venues that do. A permit is required for any business to sell and serve alcohol to patrons. So, before placing alcohol on The Lucy, we’ll need to cross our T’s and dot our I’s to ensure the venue has the correct permission. Having a Backyard BBQ? Provide that keg and we’ll hook it right up!

What events can I hire The Lucy for in Omaha? 

Call us for any celebration. We do not limit fun here. To name a few:

  • Corporate Events
  • Real Estate Open Houses
  • Club Events
  • Retail Promotions
  • Photo Shoots

How do I rent The Lucy? 

Imagine her thumping her third wheel and saying, “Waiting on you!” All you need to do to hire this sassy mobile bar is shoot us an inquiry form. We’ll help you design & style her right up!

Is a mobile bar expensive to rent? 

Renting a mobile bar can be a splurge. We promise this mini-truck is well worth it. She’s the icing on the cake for luxury occasions that will be the talk of the town for weeks to come. 

Our mobile bar rental rates begin at $650 for an all-day rental. Yup, you read that right! We don’t limit your time here at The Party Bar. Whether it’s a two hour birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower… or it’s a four-hour corporate event… or it’s a six-hour wedding reception. She’s yours for the day!

Nonvedo l’ora! We can’t wait to hear from you soon.

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