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“You can do so much with a little passion and positivity.”

Enneagram: 3w2
Myers-Briggs: ESTJ-T
CliftonStrengths: Competition, Achiever, Significance, Focus, Futuristic
My Adobe Creative Type: The Innovator

Drink: Scooters Hot Caramelicious
Person I’d Like To Meet: Post Malone
Harry Potter House: Slytherin
Guilty Pleasure: Trading Card Games

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the party bar difference

we have really high standards.

We take MASSIVE amounts of pride in the quality of work we provide. Every rental is repainted before each use, every nail hole is patched, every balloon has been lint rolled, every LED is in working order… We know it’s all in the details and you can expect a commitment from us to ensure that every aspect of your event is flawlessly executed.

we are innovators. not immitators.

When we ask you for your inspiration photo, we mean inspiration. The Party Bar brings a wealth of creative expertise to the table and we have a knack for taking your vision and running with it! We’ll turn your ideas into a completely unique concept that suits your needs, wows your guests, and has your competitors save your photos as inspo for their next event.

we think beyond pure aesthetics.

I know, I know, I know… But we believe that really good design is multi-sensory! We work to produce an event experience that aligns with your style and event goals. We take your vision, branding, and personality and turn it into interactive installations and immersive setups that will knock the socks off your guests!

Jodi is the absolute best when it comes to party planning! She planned my bridal shower in a matter of weeks, and everything came together so beautifully. I was blown away! Her attention to detail is incredible – everything was on point. I highly recommend The Party Bar for your next party.

Alexis Homme