A White Tie Affair Homecoming

People do business with people they like and trust. For most businesses, clients will want to be heavily involved initially. Over time, they develop a report and become more lax. Clients that go from “hands-on” to “hands-off” (and allow us to do our thannng) are an accurate estimate of how we want our business relationships to develop. For a prime example, Papio South High School came to us again for their Homecoming decorations. We won their hearts again because we set ourselves apart from the competition and earned their business through quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness.

Once upon a time, you had to be “in the know” to access an “All White Event.” Now, you can get in on the fun by attending the Papio South High School Homecoming.

History in the Making

History suggests that at most formal events, you’ll spot a variety of styles, colors, and looks. When people think about “All White Parties,” they channel summertime in The Hampton vibes. But people have attended all-white attire events across many cultures and eras for a long time.

The choice to wear only white seems limiting, but students, staff, and The Party Bar took it to a new level.

White Tie Affair

The name of the Papio South Homecoming could have come with ease. We went back and forth several times, including talking about a name that involved clouds and white feather dreams. It seems limiting to host an “all-white” event. But with the name “White Tie Affair,” students, staff, and ourselves took it to a new level. These events – where everyone wears white – are where beauty, swag, and creativity intersect.

Welcome Area

A custom-made fresh white acrylic welcome sign adorned with greeted students as they arrived. The sign was held up by a clear acrylic easel and adorned with white double-stuffed balloons.

Marquee Area

Standing 3-foot tall, grand, gorgeous white marquees nodded off to the 80s for a picture-esque backdrop. To “tie it” all together, our team placed our black and gold stanchions and black velvet ropes gazing outward. Students anxiously awaited their turns to step a foot off the all-white rug and strike a pose in front of the dazzling “H-O-C-O,” short for “Homecoming” display.

Balloon Arch

Our team wanted the Homecoming King and Queen to feel like royalty. To surprise the school, we created a last-minute feature to do just that. Our gorgeous balloon arch made for a surprise Homecoming Court backdrop everyone adored.

The Lucy

It wouldn’t be an all-white affair without our favorite party rental. You guessed it – we decked out The Lucy, our Italian Piaggio Ape, in balloons and a dazzling door design.

She made for a top-tier photo opportunity. A staff member even told us after the event that a line formed throughout the night to capture the memory with our little truck. We love that.

To get Lucy into the gym, I led my dad (scrunched over in a one-person seat) down the hallways. The laughs never stopped! We’re thrilled that beautiful memories were made for us, our clients, and their guests!

Ripple Wall Backdrop

After most events, we ask for feedback to help improve our performance. We want to identify areas that require improvement to ensure meeting upcoming project goals. We asked students and teachers for their feedback, and they came up with some excellent points.

Last year, students had to wait over twenty minutes in line for a photo opportunity with our VW bus cut-out. While that was absolutely amazing, it took time out of their experience. This year, we prioritized creating more photo opportunities, including the ripple wall backdrop.

Another piece of feedback was students said the lighting needed to be better, and the low gym lighting didn’t cut it. So, we invested in uplighting. Our white ripple backdrop met an open white arch and all-white balloons in a glamorous area, which tells the truth to the extent that we nailed their request.

Flower Wall Backdrop

Our white rose flower wall hits differently. As our most popular rental, the flower wall rental is versatile, elegant, and quite the showstopper. We created a custom neon sign for this event that says, “Only the best go-to Papio South,” which lives on forever at events. It pairs perfectly with the flower backdrop.

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