7 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Balloon Decor

Balloon garlands and arches are all the rave for parties, events, and special occasions! Elevate your space with vibrant balloons for a fun, festive atmosphere perfect for any theme. Let’s settle the debate: Is it better to go pro or DIY your garland? We’re spilling the tea on the perks of opting for professional balloon decor services.

1. The Realty of Doing It Yourself

Creating your balloon decor might sound like a fun adventure, but let’s be honest… it’s a whole lot of elbow grease! Those DIY balloon garland kits from Party City, Amazon, or Target might tempt you with their budget-friendly price tags, but trust me, they often look sad and deflated too soon.

To wow your guests, you’ve to splurge on top-notch balloons, snag an electric balloon pump for ease, and don’t forget the right hanging gear. Skip these party essentials, and you’re in exhausting pre-party prep work and tiring balloon chaos!

2. DIY Kits Are Frequently Using False Advertising

There’s no way to sugar coat it. Photos you see on kits are stolen from real professional balloon artists. Not only is it unfair to small business owners (like myself) around the nation, but it’s false advertising. We hope you’re not fooled. The balloons inside your kit are not actually what you see in the photo, and it’s impossible (even for a balloon artist) to recreate those images using the provided balloons.

3. Professional Grade Balloons Last!

It doesn’t pay to cut corners with our competitors. Amazon and Target balloons are what we like to call the “party poopers” of balloons – lasting less than 24 hours. You can buy them cheap (and there’s a reason). Purchase professional-grade balloons. They last longer and look better. They’re a party’s true MVP. They’ll last at minimum two weeks if kept indoors at the correct temp, but we’ve even seen them last 2.5 months looking exactly the same as the day they were set up.

4. Environmental Concerns

Let’s champion environmental protection! Amazon/Target balloons contain chemicals that are harmful to you, your children, your pets, and the environment. The Party Bar exclusively uses professional-grade biodegradable balloons that leave no residue on hands, walls, or any surface they touch.

5. Leave It To The Pros & Get That Extra Touch

At The Party Bar, we’re balloon decor aficionados! Our mission? To simplify your party planning journey, you are free to focus on the fun details while we take care of the decor magic. Choose from our convenient pickup or delivery options – with full installation included in our delivery service. Crafted from top-notch materials, our balloons are built to last.

Count on our expertise and top-notch equipment to ensure your balloon creations are not just safe but stunningly displayed. Communication is key, and we’re all ears to make sure your vision comes to life. And that’s not all – we’ve got helium balloons, snazzy mylar numbers, letters, florals, and greenery ready for you to add that extra sparkle!

6. Is The Price Difference Really There?

Hiring a professional balloon artist might initially seem costly, but it’s worth it when you’re saving time and effort. It’s all about convenience. With top-notch decor, delivery, and setup included, you can skip the DIY hassle. Achieving your desired look may require extra time and effort, but it’s still a good choice. However, investing in professional balloon decor offers convenience and quality worth the splurge.

7. Peace of Mind

Experience relaxation and peace of mind with us. We often hear, “I’ve tried those Amazon kits before… never again!” It’s a common tale for clients who ventured down the DIY path only to realize the value of hiring a professional. Save your sanity, spare your hair, and avoid last-minute stress by choosing The Party Bar. Discover how Party on Butler can turn any venue into a dream event with stunning balloon installations today!

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