A National Award Winning Nonprofit Balloon Decor Design

We can’t stop talking about Project Intentional. We won’t! Actually, now is a good time to quote Miley Cyrus: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! We hope you’re familiar with our favorite not so-little event: Project Intentional. After all, it’s our favorite event of the year. 

I know, I know, I know. I always say every event is my favorite, but guess what? I mean it! Each event holds a special place in my heart for different reasons. But Project Intentional’s Winter Wonderland Emporium? Oh boy, it’s my absolute favorite! Not only is it special for me, but it’s a real treat for the entire Omaha community. This event creates ripples of joy across our city!

Go All Out with Ya Badselves

This year, we went all out. Our little big business took charge of the decor without any help from fellow balloon decor business owners. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE working with our “competitors” (although I don’t see them that way). But this time, I couldn’t be prouder of our small and mighty team for pulling it off alone. 

Let me tell you, this year’s event was the grandest of them all. And guess what? We had the shortest time window for setup, too! Project Intentional received an event space upgrade from the Baxter Arena. Yep, you read that right! Not only that, but The Party Bar became the first to deck out Baxter Arena’s entrance with a spectacular display of pink, white, and red balloons. And let me say, we made quite the statement! It dazzled! 

The Night Before all the Balloon Decor

We arrived at 11 pm on Saturday, December 9, knowing we had just 10 hours to get everything ready before the adopted moms and dads began “shopping” for their loved ones. We unloaded a whole trailer packed with balloons and got straight to work. While one team member started inflating more latex balloons (because apparently, the entire trailer wasn’t enough), two others worked on the mylar foils, and one more, along with myself, began the installation process.

As the doors of Baxter Arena swung shut at the crack of dawn, you could almost hear the gasps of delight. After a night filled with excitement and magic, we looked at each other, and the feeling of “we did this” filled our hearts, and exhausted smiles rested on our faces. In six hours, we took over Baxter Arena and transformed it into a breathtaking entryway.

Pastel pink nutcrackers stood tall, forming an honor guard ready to greet everyone with stoic charm. Stuffed in bubbles of balloons, whimsy of candy canes, and pink swirls galore created a sweetly unwinding path leading guests into the heart of Winter Wonderland. It was like stepping into a classic holiday tale with a chic twist that only The Party Bar could provide. We love this balloon decor!

Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

A National Award Winning Nonprofit Balloon Decor Design


All the love poured into this event doesn’t go without notice. At the National FLOAT Convention 2024, our small Nebraska event designing business won a prestigious award. It’s because THIS event that we took home FLOAT’s Best Non-Profit Event Decor award.

I feel incredibly honored every year to make the space look just as incredible as it feels. Thanks to Sasha, the entire PII team, the volunteers, the participating nonprofits, and everyone who donated. Together, we create pure magic!

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