Project Intentional: Winter Wonderland Emporium

More bodies, more help, and – more knowledge.

Together we can. Together we did. A group of bad-ass women did it again….and it was so much bigger than expected!

You might have caught our blog from last year (if not, peep here). But, to jog your memory, what had started as a “cool idea” became a reality in December 2021 as Project Intentional put on their very first event – the Winter Wonderland Holiday Store Emporium. Here, single mothers could shop at a holiday store to pick up gifts for their little ones, like toys and clothes. 

All caught up? Great! I’m geekin’ out. And can’t wait to tell you everything!

From an Event Designers Prospective 

As I walked through Project Intentional’s new space at Abide, I knew it would be spectacular. Not only was the area more extensive, but the amount of love also poured into the event helped it grow significantly. 

Mood? Pink & Red

Colors set the mood of a brand’s expression. Emotions are powerful and can drive decision-making. So, as an event stylist, I aim to cultivate strong emotional connections with consumers, like the lovely mothers who shop at the Winter Wonderland Emporium. 

The colors chosen for PII are pink and red. Red stimulates a person’s energy levels and heart rate. It holds an appetite for bravery, evoking emotions of love, boldness, and energy. Pink softens red. Pink is playful, nurturing, and nostalgic. It takes us back to our childhoods, evoking innocents, love, and sometimes a sense of urgency. Very fitting. 

Our 2021 event space held space for a lot of pink and red. But, I knew in 2022 that we must go overboard (and we sure did). It was almost – as described by the team – a “pukey mess of wonderful awesomeness” or “#Pinkmas,” if you will. Others describe it as a mouthful. And that’s true. It is a mouthful (even the name) – Winter Wonderland Holiday Store Emporium. And that’s what we’ve created it to be; it’s an immersive experience for the moms. 

Screaming “I LOVE YOU!” 

They should feel wrapped in our kindness, love, and passion as we serve them. Like, you know when Buddy the Elf screams, “I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVEEEEEE YOU” to his dad? We wanted our decor to SCREAM to our volunteers and attendees at equal or greater volumes. So, we did something a bit bold. Something a bit nutty….

While we reused the triangle rental decor from last year, we also incorporated 6′ (pink and pretty) nutcrackers. I wanted to create a custom new piece for our inventory. It took me about 15 hours to prime and paint these bad boys, but we got the job done. 

We wanted moms to graze the store in an immersive space. So, the walls (not one, but two) beamed with bright pink and red balloons, props, and backdrops. The check-in desk offered a ‘Grammable backdrop for photo ops, especially for families. We wanted to create a safe space for moms to grab a snapshot, especially since many mommas still need to put themselves in front of the camera instead of behind it. 

And while I loved every second of two very late nights creating this magical space with Madeline from Jasmine Events, I knew the real magic would come when the people came. And oh man, did the people come.

We are making the season brighter and the load lighter. 

My good friend, Sasha, and her wonderful volunteers made that happen. In 2022, the main focus was new items and monetary donations so people could buy what they needed. In 2021, the organization helped nearly 489 parents and roughly 800 children. In 2022, the event sold out in less than 2 hours, helping 650 parents and approximately 1800 children.

The team helped in more ways than just shopping. The 20 non-profits that tabled the event offered resources to families, including helping out with domestic violence cases, housing, and job hunting. 

You’d think that’s all we did. But there’s more! There’s more! There’s more! 

The Monday before this two-day event, Sash flew to LA and went on the Kelly Clarkson show. Here, she sat (hand in hand) with Anna Kendrick and Jordan J. Jones. And to top it off, Netspend was able to help her right back and ensure she could continue her work with a $25,000 donation. Wow, just wow! You can even peek and find The Party Bar’s work from last year on the show! You can watch the brief clip here.

“If someone comes to you for help, you help.” – Sasha’s Mom

Project Intentional, Inc. doesn’t draw a line. There are no questions asked. You will always have a safe space with us. And that’s why we love this organization. We love helping “be intentional” and “become the change.” Thank you, Sasha, for your kindness.

We can’t wait for Sasha to catch up with Kelly next year, tell her about the change she’s made, and see the 2022 event on national television!

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