YP Summit: Corporate Event Planning

Giving back helped broaden my horizon and provided an excellent opportunity to help with corporate event planning and meet my community. At the YP Summit, I was looking to advance my career and provide others (and myself) with networking opportunities and a chance to gain leadership experience. I learned so many things about myself and those around me. And we did just that through our event design and event planning services. 

What is the YP Summit? 

YP Summit is the country’s largest young professionals’ conference – and it happens right here in Omaha, Nebraska. More than 1,500+ young professionals came together for a day of education, inspiration, and connection. This year, keynote speakers like Ben Nemtin and Symone Sanders sparked the minds of fellow young professionals to do better and be better. 

Photos by Kaleb Duncan Photography

How We Got the Corporate Event Planning Gig 

To become a leader for the YP Summit, you must apply and undergo an interview process. So, in July ’22, I turned in my paperwork and crossed my fingers to be the Participant Experience Lead for the upcoming 2023 Summit. The position calls for an individual to oversee 10+ committee members responsible for the summit attendees’ overall experience including, but not limited to, the Engagement Space Activities (an area to mingle and learn while not in breakout sessions), lunch & snacks, entertainment, and the event decor. 

I received a call in August 2022 that I was selected to join the Summit’s “dream team” made up of the most wonderful young professionals in Omaha: Amanda Sirian (Chair), Vanessa Martinez-Hernandez (Vice Chair), Brenden O’Brien (Selections Lead), Kelsey Scroggin (DEIA Lead), and Mark Wong (Hype & Promotions Lead). 

Photos by Kaleb Duncan Photography

Some of my duties as a Participant Experience Lead included selecting committee members, leading weekly team meetings with the PX committee, and swimming through the planning process. But, my role at the YP Summit continued to grow. 

One sunny afternoon, I received a call from the Chamber’s SVP of Business 

Development and Events, Anne Branigan. She explained that she wanted to contract The Party Bar (which allowed me to take on an even bigger role for the Summit). So, after an obvious “yes,” (and mute the phone & happy dance), we got down to business!

Photos by Kaleb Duncan Photography
Photos by Kaleb Duncan Photography

As the largest Young Professional Conference in our country, it’s safe to say that the Summit is a total beast. The Party Bar led a corporate event planning team, and it was one the most intense event planning to date. Here are a few things we worked on (in no specific order): 

  • Created Seating Chart for 1,600 Attendees and Sponsors
  • Coordinated VIP Seating & Communications to VIP Attendees
  • Created 10+ Floor Plans
  • Helped Write All App Announcements for the Day
  • Edited All Pre-Event Email Communications
  • Designed the Main Slideshow PPT
  • Wrote, Re-Wrote, Edited, & Re-Wrote Main Stage Script
  • Created a 22+ Page Master Event Agenda That Included All Items of the Day for Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors, Facility, Catering, and AV
  • Picked Up Event Day Signage
  • Coordinated Logistics of all Event Day Items
  • Created Event Day Packing List
  • Created a 19+ Page AV, IT, & Floorplan Needs Document To Keep Facility, AV, and Event Team on Same Page
  • Attended Pre-Conference Meeting with CHI Event Center (MECA, Levy Catering, and INSPIRE)
  • Create & Finalize BEO with Catering
  • Run Volunteer & Staff Run-Through Meeting
  • Designate Omaha Chamber Staff Day-Of Assignments
  • Attend Pre-Meetings & Coordinate All Logistics with Keynote Speakers (Ben Nemtin & Symone Sanders)
  • Orchestrate Move-In & Full Event Set-Up
  • Orchestrate Move-Out
  • Run Soundchecks, Run Teleprompter, & Lead AV Team Logistics
  • Lead Event Execution for Day-Of
  • Review Faculty Invoice for Processing
  • Communicate Event Day Details with Breakout Speakers
  • Receive & Distribute Parking Passes
Photos by Kaleb Duncan Photography

The Lucy

In addition to the extensive list above, I continued to help plan the event’s Engagement Space Activities with the help of a stellar team. One of my favorite activities we planned as a team was called “Pack the Truck,” where The Lucy made her grand debut! This activity included working with the Friends of the Omaha Public Library and doing some pre-marketing of asking attendees to bring a new or gently used book to the conference to donate to this non-profit. The Lucy was decked out with her new, custom shelving inserts and custom YP Summit “Writing the Next Chapter” logo on both doors. She was a perfect accent piece for the event and even acted as a photo-op prop!

In the wise words of Ben Nemtin, “Taking small steps towards your goal creates the inspiration to pursue it further.” As one of the most significant events The Party Bar has ever led, I’ve taken a giant leap forward in my corporate event planning career. This event has been so rewarding and fulfilling at the same time. I look forward to next year!

Photos by Kaleb Duncan Photography
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