What are the different types of events you offer?

In the wise words of Cady Heron, “the limit doesn’t exist.” So if you want to celebrate, we’re ready to plan (no matter what type of event you’d like to host).

What is your reservation policy?

A non-refundable, non-transferable 50% retainer is required to secure your date and time. The final balance is due 14 days prior to your event date. If final payment is not rendered, you will forfeit your retainer and your installation will not be delivered.

Please Note: Events that require custom ordering or custom designs may be required to be paid in full to reserve the date.

What is your cancellation policy?

Aw, man! We’re bummed that you’re thinking about canceling. Allow me to walk you through the cancellation process real quick: 

#1 Call me

Give me a buzz. We can problem-solve until we’ve exhausted all options available. 

#2 Confirm cancel 

All clients must submit a cancellation request via email. You will not be refunded your retainer as all retainers are final.

I hope that we can make your event a success. However, in order to keep things fair on both ends, it’s important each client understands my cancellation policy. It’s business, baby!

Is there an event minimum?

The Party Bar has an event minimum of $400. Holidays have a minimum of $1,000. We work with you to design and curate the event that you have always envisioned. But, the price of throwing an event that your guests will remember for years? Priceless!



When should I contact you?

We get this question a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. And to put it black and white, you need to hire a planner/designer as soon as you’re able. We can save you time, money and energy. And though we will always do our best, the more you put it off, the less help we can provide. Additionally, some months are inherently busier than others. So as soon as you know, book us to ensure availability.

Whoops! My event is next weekend...

It happens! We all get busy and forget things. Last-minute accommodations can be made based on availability. However, for any events booked within 14 days of your event date, rush fees may apply.

Skip the rush fees and the installation fees by booking a grab and go balloon garland. View more information here.

What's included in your Day-Of Fee?

A LOT! This fee is different for every event and calculated based on what is needed to complete your event successfully and without any hiccups. Some things we consider are:

– Setup & Teardown
– Travel Expenses
– Additional Team Members
– On-Site Management
– Vendor Liaison
– Delivery Supplies

We consider everything, beyond the obvious costs like mileage and u-haul rentals. There are always additional time/labor it takes to successfully complete your event. Think of things like steaming linens on-site, last-minute paint touch ups, extra hands to carry items up flights of stairs versus on floor one, additional weights needed for outdoors, etc.




What does the On-Site Balloon Installation process look like?

We treat each installation as a work of art. It’s so much more than just blowing up balloons. We build our installations with a creative eye by strategically placing each balloon onto its most fitting position keeping the flow of color, shape, and size to ensure the most aesthetically-pleasing install.

The on-site installation allows us to organically fit your space for the best overall look of your balloon structure. Our method consists of bringing pre-blown balloons, ready to build with, while filling detail pieces on site.

What is a Grab & Go Garland?

Grab & Go Garlands are 100% blown up and ready-to-go balloon garlands. They are fully designed by The Party Bar team, but hung by you using our easy-to-follow hanging instructions! In a world of options, we’ve made ordering balloons on the go easy!

How long will my balloons last?

Good news! Your memories will last a lot longer.

Balloons are, by nature, temporary items. Although The Party Bar uses only the finest quality balloons, some balloons will occasionally deflate sooner than expected. Balloons can also be adversely affected by heat, sun, cold, children, animals, wind, and other uncontrollable factors.

With all of that being said, we’ve seen balloon garlands indoors that have lasted months – yes, really! If you’re looking for them to last, don’t worry… As long as we’re setting up (or your Grab & Go garland is stored) in cool, dry temperatures, they’ll still look brand new in just a few days time.

On this note, The Party Bar Omaha cannot guarantee the lifespan of your balloons after installation is complete or Grab & Go’s are picked up. All balloon sales are final sales.

Can you install balloons outdoors?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: Our goal is to deliver a balloon installment that will wow your crowd. But there’s no escaping the elements. So, our outdoor tips: 

Want a Blissful Event? Install Near the Event

We cannot guarantee that your balloon garlands will last and stay in the original form they were built in. So, install them close to the event time.

Stay Behind Enemy Lines: Avoid Heat & Sun

Balloons do not get down with heat. During extreme temps, they can pop. Seek shade and cooler temps to prolong the life of the latex. Additionally, dark balloons might not hold true color hue for long periods of time if exposed to the sun due to oxidation. Don’t forget windy conditions don’t mingle well with outdoor balloon garlands in Nebraska.

Marley & Me: Keep Kids & Pets Away

You cannot blame the dog for chewing up the assignment here. Balloons are choking hazards. So, please keep all children and animals out of reach of balloon garlands. 

Father Figure: We Can’t Babysit Balloons

Though we’d love to babysit each project, we simply cannot. On that note, The Party Bar is not responsible for balloons after they are installed and reserves the right not to take on an installation if it is in direct sunlight. By paying the retainer, you are acknowledging the risks.



Do you clean up balloons?

Does the idea of poppin’ balloons make you feel light-headed? Allow us to clear the air (quite literally). We actually love striking (cleaning up) balloons and would be happy to for you after the event. Additional fees apply.

How do I properly dispose balloons after my event?

The Party Bar only uses eco-friendly balloons that decompose. Events cause a lot of waste and we do our part to help the environment! So, gather all your balloon waste after popping and recycle them! Make sure to pull off anything that isn’t recycleable (mylar foils, rubber bands, fishing line, etc.)

I already have my own balloons. Will you inflate them for me?

No. The Party Bar prides itself on high-quality events and we only use professional grade balloons that are made of 100% biodegradable latex. Amazon, Target, and other nonprofessional balloons are covered in harsh chemicals that are unsafe for us, you, your kids, your pets, and our environment. The material also extremely thin and we would not be able to replace any balloons when they inevitably pop during the install process. If you’re looking for a more affordable balloon option, check out our grab and go garlands where you can pick up a ready-made garland from us and hang yourself!

I am allergic to latex. What are my options?

Allergic reactions to latex may be serious and can lead to anaphylaxis, which can be deadly. If you have a latex allergy you should limit or avoid future exposure to latex products. But that doesn’t mean your party can’t include balloons! Inquire with us about a full mylar foil balloon installation.

custom fabrication & rentals



Can we pickup/return rental items to you?

Thank you for asking. It’s a sweet thought! And we appreciate you dearly. But, rental item delivery and pickup is always added to your invoice. We take a lot of pride in the quality of our rental items and our team is trained to handle them appropriately to uphold that quality and ensure they are in pristine condition for our next rental. Therefore, we drop off and pick up our rentals the same day. Client handlings are not allowed.

Can rental items be placed outdoors?

Yes! But please remember that while rental items are with you, they are your responsibility. Most of our rental items are water sensitive. If your event is outdoors and rain is expected during your event or your set up location is too close to water (lake, pool, etc.), we reserve the right to cancel your booking. Please ensure that you have a wet weather venue backup.

Please also see our damage policy.



What is your damage policy?

Our custom builds are our babies. We’ve put time, money, energy, and a whole lot of love into building each piece. When under your care, you are responsible for all rental items that are in your possession. 

You must return all broken and damaged items. If we find that the item is broken or damaged due to negligence, such as leaving an item out in the rain or allowing children to terrorize it, you will be charged with the repair cost of said rental item(s).

If you do not return the broken or damaged item, we will consider the piece missing. At this point, you are responsible for the cost associated with replacing the item.

Can you build something new for my event?

We LOVE creating custom builds! Whether it’s a Noah’s Ark boat for a baby shower or a spinning ferris wheel for a Coachella themed school dance, we will work with you to create something completely custom for your event.

Please note that custom fabrications start at $750 and we do not sell our creations. Every build created is property of The Party Bar and for rental at your event only.

Inquire about a custom fabrication here.

the lucy



What is The Lucy?

You mean WHO is Lucy! Lucy is an Italian-born, Omaha-raised mini-truck. With three wheels and a party in the back, The Lucy compliments celebrations as a fully styled, experiential event rental.

Small enough to drive through french doors, this mini-truck is just as comfortable inside as it is out. In addition, she doesn’t require electricity, so we can provide services within ballrooms, garages, basements, empty fields – virtually anywhere.

Whether it be a champagne wall for your wedding guests, an interactive photo opp display, a build-your-own activity wall, or just an utterly styled area to match your event’s aesthetic – The Lucy can TRULY help you celebrate everything! Nonvedo I’ora!

See The Lucy rental options here.

How can we use The Lucy?

In the wise words of Cady Heron, “the limit does not exist.”

The Lucy was designed to be versatile. We wanted her to fit to any occasion of theme. Going vintage? Going modern? Want to serve a cocktail? Or maybe some chocolate? What about a cotton candy holder? You want to display your corporate product on it? Or what if she was just a photo opp? The Lucy can quite literally do it all. We love new ideas and creating custom inserts!



Can we decorate The Lucy?

Sprucing her up is our favorite! While she’s adorable on her own, additional decor just adds a whole other level!

The labor of helping set up the back display is included in your daily rental cost. However, anything you need displayed needs to be either provided or can be added for an additional cost.

Due to the paint and upkeep of The Lucy and insurance compliance, The Party Bar is the sole balloon and floral designer. We do not allow any alterations, attachments, or additions to The Lucy by customers or other vendors. All balloons and flowers must be provided and attached by The Party Bar.