When you choose a professional digital media company, like The Party Bar, to design your logo, we do our best to fit it to your needs.
A Professional Logo for a Playful Client

You can make a logo in “just minutes” with Canva. So, if you’re starting, this graphic design software is an excellent way to create a fast and easy branding kit for your new business. However, Canva and I agree on one thing: eventually, you’ll need to worry about Canva’s exclusive rights. So, if you’re ready to niche down and grow a targeted audience, you’ll need more than a basic Canva template. And one client knew this was the case when she came to me to upgrade her DIY Canva creation. 

Why do you need a professional logo? 

Your logo is the face of the company. It’s what your target audience (and competitors) see first. It brings attention to what you have to offer as a business, encapsulates your brand, and gives your business its unique identity. And as stated previously, the logos inside Canva are not exclusive to one business and one business only. So, there’s a 100% chance it cannot be trademarked. Visit this link to learn more about Canva’s exclusive rights. 

When you choose a professional digital media company, like The Party Bar, to design your logo, we do our best to fit it to your needs. As a result, we get to understand you, your voice, and your company. You won’t get this with Canva. On top of that, many other people might share the same logo. So, it’s worth the investment. 

Build a Logo for Montessori Toys

Ty Nared and her husband own a small business making Meraki Montessori Toys. They dreamed of a design that would fit their aesthetic and resonate with their target audience – neutral, organic, and a dash of boho. 

After our initial consultation, I began working on this homemade aesthetic (and let me tell you; I had so much fun!)

Simple & Playful 

Before landing on her final design, I started with a photo of one of Meraki Montessori’s toys and attempted to merge her name inside a paint palette. However, it seemed a bit off. So, after stepping back, I realized this idea would cause her brand to come off as too artistic. Instead, we needed something branded “simple and playful.” So, after taking a brief break, I knew I needed to focus more on the joys of the toys, simplifying the name. 

As a graphic designer and a business owner myself, I know that typography-based logos can become an issue in tiny spaces. For example, when you’re scrolling on Instagram, the icon is small, and if it’s too complicated, the audience won’t know what it is. So, with this concept in mind, I played on the two “M’s” to create a fun pattern (that was fit for any media). 

If you’re searching for a professional logo, we would be happy to put together a branding kit that fits your company’s voice and image. 

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