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Why Your Business Needs Video Content (from Ninety Six Oak)

You can pour the finest smelling candle wax. You can bake the best cookies. You can conjure up kick-ass crafts with fun phrases that sell. But, if you’re not creating valuable content (for the right audience), you’re doing yourself a significant disservice. 

When it comes to brand marketing, you need to be adequate (and relevant). So it’s less about boosting posts and it’s more about creating helpful content that helps users better understand the purpose of your product or service. And the best way to do so is through video marketing.

Ninety Six Oak Brings New Perspective

Recently,  I partnered up with a dynamic duo that offers small business coaching and branding. Ninety Six Oak offers packages that help businesses grow and succeed in any industry that they are called to serve.  As for me at The Party Bar, I encourage my clients to celebrate everything through our event planning and styling services. 

In a recent shoot, Molly and Josh took the time to help me create short videos for my social media and website, and also gave me the 411 on why video content is so important. Through this experience, I learned how quickly video can inform, educate and help drive sales. 

But why is it that video is so valuable? Here’s what I learned through the experience:

#1 Slow the Scroll & Steal Attention 

Eye-catching photos aren’t cutting it anymore. Instead, businesses need to grab users’ attention within seconds – but that’s where videos come to save the day. 

Users might double-tap on a ‘Grammable photo, but a fascinating video will hold attention five times more than a pic. 

Pro-tip: It would help if you made the first few seconds compelling enough to make the user slow their scroll. 

Catch listeners’ ears and keep their attention by visiting here for some inspiring messages to help better educate. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • “You may want to write this down…”
  • If you’re only going to do one thing, it should be…”
  • “You know better than most people that…”
  • “Why you need to know this..”
  • “Stop! Stop! Stop! You’re won’t want to miss this…”

In my introduction video, I catch the viewer’s attention with a warm welcome by beginning the script with a loud “YAY! You’re here. I’m so glad you’ve made it.”

#2 Attract New Shoppers & Retain Trust

Want to attract new shoppers? Yes, but why does video work? You see, video is more likely to evoke emotions and engage users. So, creating a professional introduction video that covers all of your business bases can be a great way to make a “first impression” on people who don’t quite know who you are yet. In our introduction video, you really get a small sampling of my personality, work ethic and values. I love that! 

Furthermore, when you’re creating a solid foundation for shoppers, you can rely on them to pass the good word to their friends about your products and services. Again, video helps do this so well. 

#3 Explain Services Better

 Sometimes complex concepts are more accessible to grasp through video than still photos. So, create a video that can help users better understand a service or product. By showing users how it works, they’re more likely to understand it and feel more inclined to make a purchase.

You could film it yourself, but will it be professional, imaginative and fun? Nobody wants to see someone yammering on and on. Hiring a professional video company will bring life to you and your products! 

From balloon arches to custom build installs, Molly and Joshua at Ninety Six Oak helped me perfectly describe all The Party Bar offers. In the introduction video, we showcase three different custom builds – baby shower, bridal shower and a four year olds birthday. The video gives a great representation of what we’re capable of doing. Our clients know that there is no idea too large or too small. We can take any idea and run with it. 

#4 Google Loves Video 

Adding a video to your site will encourage visitors to stay longer, showing search engines like Google that your site offers engaging content. And since Google owns Youtube, there’s an outstanding chance your Google Search Engine ranking will soar.  

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization. However, please start your SEO rabbit hole by visiting here

#5 Like & Share

Sharing video content is super easy on social media. And now more than ever, social media platforms like Facebook encourage users to focus more on video content than before. From going “Live” on Facebook to pushing stories on Instagram, video is fun to share with friends and family (and, oh yeah – potential clients). If the videos are quirky and engaging, people will want to share them, like my Instagram reels! 

ConclusionIt’s easy to say I’ve learned the value of hiring a production company to help capture the attention of past and future clients. It’s so important to me to leave a professional first impression! That’s exactly why I hired Ninety Six Oak. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness, hard work, and efforts as I build my small business.

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