Bachelorette Sleepover for the BFF

There are many reasons to love your best friend. For one, there are only specific things that your BFF can do (that no other friend can). Between the private jokes, no ego or judgment, and feeling like sisters – a best friend truly has your back through tough times and fun times. It’s the ultimate bachelorette sleepover!

Behind the Bachelorette 

Her name is Lexi. We’ve been best friends for 15 years, and she’s the main driving factor for starting this great business of mine. Like any other girl, I could come up with 1,000 reasons why I love my best friend. But with an “acts of service” love language, I thought I’d show her my event planning skills

Photos by NinetySixOak

The Big, Scary Diagnosis 

Lexi’s gram received a heartbreaking diagnosis, but Lex knew she wanted her grandma there on her special day (in the best shape possible). Lex and her family mean so much to me, so, we began planning her bridal shower and an intimate wedding ceremony in just five weeks with the plan to host a full wedding reception with everyone at a later date. 

Lexi knew that I’d always been told to start an event planning company in Omaha, but it wasn’t until I received the photos of Lexi and her grandma at the bridal shower that I discovered my “why.” This particular event planted the seed for The Party Bar to be born just eight short months later (and look at us now). 

Cookies by Sugar Chic Design ; Photos by NinetySixOak
Photos by NinetySixOak

After her bridal shower and ceremony, Lexi began to plan her reception. But we skipped a step… We skipped a tradition! I couldn’t let her skip her bachelorette party before the reception! She didn’t get one before due to the rush! I knew it was only fitting for her to get the bachelorette party of her dreams to show her how much I love and appreciate her. 

Back to Yesteryear

What better way to celebrate my best friend? So, we threw it back to our youth with adult-style upgrades, like quality beauty treatments and quirky alcoholic beverages. The Party Bar transported 7 girls back to their yesteryears with a traditional bachelorette sleepover. 

She’s an old married woman now. She didn’t need an expensive vacation rental to have a good time. We all met at my place for the cozy night in (and I couldn’t be more excited). 

Photos by NinetySixOak
Photos by NinetySixOak

Bachelorette Sleepover of the Century? Yep! Here’s How it Went Down

After decking the house in plush pink, we slipped into matching pajamas, slippers, and eye masks. We filled our night with bachelorette sleepover traditions, like making friendship bracelets, pedicures, and even a pillow fight. No detail was spared. Additionally, all the girls wrote what they love about Lexi and sentiments for her wedding day, like how happy they were for her and her new beau, Josh. 

This event is what The Party Bar is all about. It’s about celebrating the milestones in our lives. It’s about taking the time to recognize one another and what they are going through at that moment (for better or worse). It’s showing up and being present in the form we need to be the most for our friends. I loved this event. The look in Lexi’s eyes made it all worth it when we compiled all the photoshoot photos and writings into an album and gave it to her on her wedding day. What an awesome feeling!

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